Native Tomato is a mini documentary Current Photography produced for a new Dallas restaurant.  Filmed in Dallas, Farmersville, and McKinney, Texas, it follows the story of a dreamer team of restaurateurs with big ideas for a fresh way to connect farms and the consumer.  We worked closely alongside owners Solomon and Geneva Barr to create a cinematic experience that would engage the audience in an exciting and contemplative way.  Director Joshua Davis also used his background in studio production to create additional music for the production; as heard in the opening sequences and the farmers market scene.  Thanks for watching!

Featured Short Film: Sonder in Paris

Near the end of 2015 I had an opportunity to do some volunteer work in Paris for a week. During my visit, in between my very busy schedule, I captured images that expressed the way I feel about Paris.
There is not one ugly building in the entire city, yet even more beautiful than it's historic architecture is the people who make those buildings home. Courageous, with lives that run as deep as their history...and maybe even a little stubborn; Parisians are mysteriously and unostentatiously lovely.

The 2015 Promotional Piece for Christ for the Nations Institute. A collaborative effort between Director Jordan Bogart and myself. We shot in Dallas over several days with our talent.  This was a really enjoyable project to work on. 

ROLE: Director of Photography, Camera, Editor, Mixer

We shot this in our local coffee shop. the light coming through the window was superb, and so only a little reflector to the left was the only thing needed for lighting. Shooting in RAW gave me a lot of flexibility with color grading. The clips from the dream sequence were shot by myself and GEMstone Media in various locations throughout Europe.  I added folly by sampling audio from the same coffee shop and capturing sound effect, such as the pen writing; which is barely noticeable but adds nice detail.  Finishing up in After Effects I added the animated graphics and voila!

ROLE: Director of Photography, Camera, Editor, Mixer

Shot in various locations throughout Europe by myself and GEMstone Media.  Music courtesy of my talented friend Ronak.  This was a fun project.  The slow motion clips I shot in London and Brighton on an iPhone 6.  Recorded the VO in a makeshift vocal booth in our office here in Dallas.  Finished with color grading and motion graphic in After Effects.