Empty Streets and Inspirtation


Empty streets at midnight are a pretty neat place to find some inspiration.  Throw in a friend and a cigarette and you've got something a little more interesting.  What really made this shot possible though wasn't the drizzling rain, or the perfect after concert get-up.  It wasn't the friend with a cigarette, or even the sleepy urban town-square street lights.  It was the fact that searching for inspiration in the right places will eventually yield fruitful.  Granted, I had a great tool; a fancy camera that allows me to shoot in really dark lighting, but a little exploring and a little effort goes a long way into creating something interesting.  

Once you look around and get a vision in your head, it's easy to know what you have to do.  In my case, we needed to move our cars out of view as they were parked to the left of my friend there.  I directed my buddy to stand and puff on his cigarette.  Then I line up my composition and snap a few shots as the smoke billowed.  I love the waters reflection on the streets and the deserted feeling the surroundings give to create a sense of mystery.  The surroundings intern create a more in depth character as the subject of the frame.